What is this familiar feeling..?

So this week I went back to gymnastics. Oh my goodness I haven’t felt this happy for so long!!

The class was good. We spent more time doing strength and conditioning than I had hoped but overall it was great. Despite having a gymnastics background and being a PT (an out of shape one at that!), I was still a little nervous. People think that once you have that certification all nerves and insecurities go out the window. Nope – we’re still human! But anyway I kept up with everyone well enough to not look like I was dying inside (or maybe I’m just not as out of shape as I thought I was).

We separated after the workout to go on apparatus and it’s nice to know that even though some things looked a little ugly I could still do some of my most difficult tricks without any real supervision or assistance. And that said, please don’t think that I was learning terribly difficult skills 2 years ago when my training was more regular πŸ˜‚

I had a go on the tumble track and soon got my flysprings back up to scratch, or at least looking a lot prettier. The best part about tumbling is generating enough power and momentum that while you do stick your landing, you keep on going and end up in a crumpled heap on the soft mats. It’s what I call the “splat” and it’s very fun 😊

This wasn’t my best splat, but it was still fun 😊

After that I moved to bars. The B grade girls were training on the proper bars so I just settled for the training bars. While this video also shows another splat, prior to this I got my back hip circle on the first attempt after two years of not doing them. Needless to say it was an exciting moment complete with fist pumps. I definitely need to work on my casts though (pushing away from the bar between the hip circles)… they look a bit pitiful!

Then, beam… ❀ My favourite apparatus but also the most terrifying. I don’t know why I love it so much, but one of the best things about beam (apart from not falling off) is the sound it makes when you land. It’s a combination between a squeak and a thump and it is just the best sound in the world. Right up there with laughter. Anyway so when I was about 9 years old I taught myself a round off dismount and would practice it at home off the verandah with my siblings. I had done it a couple of years ago no problem but tonight was different. They had competition height beams!! I’m  169cm tall, and standing next to the beam it came to just below my chest. It’s mildly intimidating but makes you feel awesome when you stick your skills. The round off dismount itself is not hard at all. The hardest part is not mentally freezing when you’re at the point of no return going into the skill. That is when you risk falling. You must commit. So after 2 years of doing it on a normal height beam, plus who knows how many more years since doing it on a competition height beam, I am happy to say that I stuck each of my 3 dismounts 😊 

So folks, this is what happiness looks like. Bring on next week!


Author: thegriefdiariesblog

A borderline hyperactive Personal Trainer, navigating the process of starting a family.

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