This time of year has been productive for 2 years running. For some reason September and October have been fertile months for me, and as mentioned in previous posts there seems to be a certain air and vibe that now comes with Spring for me and Karl.

I’m currently 13DPO and there’s some serious self discipline going on! For about 4 or 5 days now my boobs have been noticeably sore. This does not happen, even with PMS. Last night driving home I felt my stomach tie up in a knot momentarily, today I’ve not been feeling nauseous, but definitely not that flash either. And for the past couple of days I’ve been so tired. Like, 7:30pm and I am ready for bed. Also been feeling mildly emotional, not that that’s unusual for me.

I’ve had this feeling since ovulation that this is the month. Which naturally I have been downplaying because well anyone can think they’re pregnant and there’s no guarantee it will happen. But this just doesn’t seem to be going away.

I’m torn. So hopeful and excited about the possibilites but also devasted at the fact that this might spell the end of gymnastics (for now). Of course one happiness will easily transition into another wonderful happiness and I’m excited for that, and then we have the risk of another miscarriage. As usual, with anyone’s pregnancy. But then again, this time just might be our time.

So we will see in a few days. In the mean time I’m trying not to tell anyone my suspicions because well I want it to be a surprise if I get a BFP! So for now, blog-world is the only way to get my nerves out there!