So far, the dreaded 2WW (two week wait) hasn’t been all that dreaded. One week has passed since embryo transfer and things are going well.

Last week I didn’t go to the workshop at all (well, I did, but not in a working capacity), since our IVF nurse advised us that it was crucial to not overheat. Considering the recent weather, the workshop would clearly not be an ideal place to be, since in summer the temperatures regularly get up close to 40 degrees (Celsius). So this week I have been resting, relaxing, and working from home doing my PT and Jamberry work. It has been really nice to just have a change of pace, rest whenever I feel I need to and invest all I can into making our baby work out. Obviously, I can only do so much, but despite the outcome I know I’m doing what I can.
There haven’t been a huge amount of symptoms indicating a pregnancy. I have been a little more emotional than usual (as we have expected with this whole round of IVF and medication). Aside from that sometimes I feel positive like it could really work, other times I feel like is it really working? Sure, we put an embryo in there, but who’s to say it’s even implanted. And if it implanted, we don’t even know if it will last. But those feelings aren’t exclusive to me during my 2WW. They are generally present in some form or other, all the time!

However, since Wednesday, fatigue has hit me like a truck! Wowzer, so tired! This is one thing I am remembering from my previous pregnancies. But this far before my period was due? Hmm… not sure if it’s a pregnancy thing or a progesterone thing.

I’m also noticing urgent hunger. Like, hmm, yeah I might be hungry? (5 minutes later) still… not sure. Five minutes later again – I NEED FOOD NOW. Another thing I remember from previous pregnancies.

My patience level is also rock bottom. Normally I don’t care about red lights unless I’m running late. Now? A red light is just the most awful thing to endure! Sometimes I feel like I should not be in charge of a vehicle because people just make me angry! I definitely remember this feeling from my previous pregnancies. 

But once again, I don’t want to count my eggs (or embryos) before they hatch. I know that this could very well just be the progesterone talking, I am using the stuff morning and night! 😁 Thankfully, I’m getting through this ok so far. There has been a lot of prayer about it, and I think it is working. I know that of anyone, God has this under His control and His care, and whatever happens, everything will be okay (even if it doesn’t seem like it to begin with). Even if God says no, life will be ok. The same with if God says yes. Having that trust is definitely helping and I’m glad to have God through this.


Author: thegriefdiariesblog

A borderline hyperactive Personal Trainer, navigating the process of starting a family.

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