Let’s be kind

Before we go any further I’d like to set a few ground rules for anyone who would like to comment or give feedback. Sorry if this seems bossy but I think it’s necessary:

  • No platitudes.
    • “Everything happens for a reason”
    • “Your baby will return to you when it’s ready”
    • “Maybe it wasn’t the right time”
    • “At least you know you can fall pregnant”
    • are not suitable phrases to say to someone who is grieving (a lost baby or any situation that brings on grief). Your intentions are 100% good, you want your friend (or whoever) to feel better. These things and similar will not make the ‘griever’ feel better. If you don’t know what to say in these situations when people are spilling their hearts out, don’t say anything at all. And I don’t mean just leave their words hanging in the air to make things more and more awkward. Try:
    • “Oh man, I’m so sorry. That sucks.”
    • “I know my help won’t fix anything, but can I do anything for you?”
    • “I’m really bad in these situations, what do you need from me as a friend?”
  • No cursing. This blog needs to be a respectful place, regardless of your beliefs. I always try not to swear, because I think in general there can be more appropriate words to use, but let’s definitely not use any curse words. I want to be respectful of God, and I want to be respectful of other belief systems and religions. Please do likewise.
  • Play nicely. Opinions can differ without turning nasty and getting personal.

Thanks 🙂